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Our Results

An Experienced Attorney Delivering Results

In the course of more than 40 years, I have represented people from all walks of life in cases large and small. I am proud of all our work and the results we have achieved for our clients. A sampling of this work shows some of the challenges we have overcome for the benefit of our clients:

  • Recovered $65,000 on compensatory and punitive damages through a defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress claim for a father whose former spouse made false allegations to legal authorities and family members that he had abused the parties’ children during periods of visitation. This is the first successful litigation of its kind against a former spouse in Delaware.
  • Recovered damages for a minor against a school district and teacher for lewd behavior and inappropriate touching of a female student in the seventh grade.
  • Recovered damages for a woman who, as a teenager, was the victim of a sexual predator teacher at her high school.
  • Recovered damages for a mother and her son against Christina School District for the wrongful death of her 6-year-old daughter when she and her brother were struck by their own school bus after they exited and crossed the street to go home. As a result, Delaware school buses were fitted with swing arms to protect children.
  • Recovered damages for clients in wrongful death and serious injury cases involving design defects and crashworthiness of automobiles against the manufacturers of the automobiles.  We established a liability case through expert testimony from forensic experts, which we located and worked with at length to assist them in formulating an informed and knowledgeable position.
  • Recovered damages against the owner of an industrial business for serious injuries sustained by a client who fell 25 feet, bouncing off catwalks and pressurized vessels after falling through an improperly supported roof while his company was performing work as an independent contractor.  We also recovered workers’ compensation benefits for the client in excess of $200,000.
  • Recovered COBRA health benefits for clients unable to work as a result of automobile collisions.  We successfully argued this right to the Delaware Supreme Court, securing this protection to our clients and to all persons disabled in car accidents involving Delaware no-fault insurance.
  • Recovered damages for a passenger of a boat piloted by an intoxicated driver on the Delaware Bay. Our client suffered facial injuries requiring reconstructive surgery.
  • Recovered damages on behalf of a man in his 70s against the other driver and our client’s underinsured motorist coverage for injuries to his back and neck requiring multiple surgeries.
  • Recovered substantial damages for a woman badly injured in a collision with a truck driver, when he suddenly made a right turn from the left lane in front her, against the driver and against his employer.
  • Recovered substantial damages for a woman badly injured in an underride collision with a tractor-trailer, where the truck driver backed the truck so it was sitting across a dark road, against trucking company and the driver. We used data from a download of the computer in the client’s vehicle to establish that she was driving safely and reacted appropriately prior to the collision.
  • Recovered substantial damages for a woman badly injured in a slip-and-fall on water on the floor of a restaurant operated by a casino. We established that the water was caused by a leak in the roof which had not been repaired. Video of the fall proved the water was not visible, there were no warnings, and that another woman coming in while our client was reporting her fall avoided the same fate only because the client’s husband shouted a warning.